Italian STI pneumatic actuator pneumatic head positioner position feedback device air cylinder

Italian STI pneumatic actuator, pneumatic head, positioner, the intersection of position and feedback device, the intersection of air cylinder and the intersection of Italian and STI establish pneumatic actuator their enjoy high reputation in world so as to excellent q&r their on 1960. STI products applied to trades such as utility boiler, petrochemical industry, metallurgy, papermaking, cement,etc. extensively, especially application of large suitable thrust, large torque, fast-acting and unexplosive environment. Pneumatic actuator, STI pneumatic actuators SC series STI positioner DE/3M (DE/3M-1, DE/3M-3) such as pneumatic head, positioner, position feedback device, air cylinder,etc. DE/3M (DE/3M-1, DE/3M-3) SA/CL-1, SA/CL-1-EP 2030-2M-2-S, 2030-4M-2-S, 2030-00-2 - S 1/ 4 " NPT F SC63-150 SC63/200 SC100/150 SC100/200 SC100/250 SC100/300 SC125/150 SC125/200 SC125/250 SC125/300 SC160/200 SC160/250 SC160/300 SC200/200 SC200/300 SC260/300 SC260/400 SC330/400 SC420/450 STI 2030 GR1 GR2 GR2.5 STI position transducer: 2030-2M-2-S, 2030-4M-2-S, 2030-00-2 - S


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